Step By Step Instructions
Follow instructions to purchase a tag.

  1. Go to Klamath
  2. Scroll to Tribal Permits
    • a) Click hunting and fishing
  3. Scroll down and click Purchase Online Hunting Tags (Orange bar)
  4. This page will come up --Welcome to the Klamath Tribes Natural Resources Online Tag Sales System
  5. Scroll down to - Select an Option
  6. Click --Purchase Hunting Tags then click Continue
  7. Enter the following;
    • Last Name - XXXX
    • Date of Birth xx/xx/xxxx
    • Tribal Enrollment Number XXXXE (Always 4 digits -If your roll number is 3 digits add a 0 to the beginning of the digits to equal 4)
    • Personal Pin Number XXXX (Always 4 digits)
  8. Click Continue
  9. Customer profile Confirmation page will come up
  10. Click continue
  11. Tag Selection will come up with a list of all your tags available. (Remember deer tags are good for 30 days - beginning from date of purchase. Member must wait the full 30 days to be eligible for the next tag).(Bear, Cougar, Antelope, Elk are all Good for Calendar year January to December- Again you must report filled tag in order to purchase another tag).
  12. Click, to select the tags you are wanting to buy.
  13. Click select tags and continue to check out. (Follow the checkout step by step, the program will also ask specific questions).
  14. Print tags.